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How to Kick-start Working from Home

With the COVID-19 crisis escalating, some whole families are suddenly at home all day all week working and learning. Fast learning is happening, and a great deal of improvising. ... The challenge now is that between the outer and the inner processes, there needs to be a co-created social process between leaders and team members negotiating this new way of working.

Mary Poppins & Inclusive Talent Management 2018

You hopefully had some splendid end of year holidays!? Typically, I spend mine with family time, good food, play, and some classic movies. This year, I was watching Disney’s Mary Poppins with my five-year-old niece. For her it was the first time - for myself, I cannot count the views. Once again, I was amazed at the many parallels to today’s talent mantras.

Think Twice about "Daddy Leave"! - Part One*

We read and hear much about gender divides, quotas, or, more recently, also about subconscious biases. What we do not hear much about are success stories of actually improving gender balance across organizations or countries.

The power of purpose driven collaboration - Assemble, Winner of the 2015 Turner Prize

I recently re-discovered my love for architecture. Working with an architectural firm gave us some fascinating insights into key concepts of architectural design processes. Also, I incorporated the story of the Watercube for the Chinese Olympic Games into some keynotes for client events.

New Year! New Site! - Turning Passion into Purpose

We are proud to start 2016 by introducing our new website. It was an exciting journey to update our web presence after some years to better reflect our broad and complex consulting practice.

We still have a dream

Coincidences sometimes matter. This morning, I was listening to the German radio station SWR2. They interviewed Edgar Reitz on his latest film „Home from Home - Chronicle of a Vision“, a complimentary piece to his appraised epic film "Heimat", which will play at Venice film festival starting today.