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Virtual Leadership & Digital Collaboration

‘Virtual’ has always been a deceiving term, because it can suggest a deficit or a lack of ‘reality’. Today’s hyper-connectivity radically changes how we communicate, and how we o­rganize work. Increasingly digitalized productivity and production processes now demand everyone acknowledge that digital is the new normal.

Yet, the development of individuals and organizations doesn’t always keep pace with rapid technological change. We developed a distinguished organizational communication and systems perspective for distant leadership and teamwork since the mid 90s. This longstanding experience with emerging digital environments and with the pitfalls and gains of virtual leadership and distributed teams is a highly valued resource for our clients.

Today, digital challenges cut across all aspects of our clients’ concerns. We offer a full suite of services for leaders, teams, and organizations to help you excel across continents and generations with emerging new digital realities.

Leading at a distance requires spanning across both cultural and physical boundaries. Leveraging diversity and digital collaboration as resources can open ways for creativity and innovation if you invest in digital literacy and diversity competency of leaders and teams. Agile decision making, dealing with ambiguities and conflict is challenging and calls for new organizational designs, new forms of working and new forms of leadership. We help you meet these challenges:

  • mastering digital literacy and collaboration
  • dealing with diversity in digital collaboration contexts
  • training and coaching to lead virtually in international contexts

Leading and collaborating with remote teams is an increased challenge to everyone. It requires excellent communication skills, people orientation as well as highly developed competencies in dealing with uncertainty, social and cultural differences. Amy Edmondson’s ‘Teaming’ inspires how we help leaders and their teams improve cohesion and utilize differences by working on relevant success factors for building and optimizing high-performance virtual teams.

Globalizing not only sales, but also research, product development, and production, requires adapting organizational designs and processes for sharing information, knowledge creation, or decision making. Similar challenges present themselves also on a local level, whenever organizations need to collaborate across boundaries.

Complex decision making structures, often as matrix organizations, with distributed responsibilities are the answer to the need for coordinating different departments and experts to overcome silo thinking.

These new structures call for new forms of working and leadership and project management. We help you develop and establish them in your organization:

  • Consulting on new organizational designs, decision processes, meeting structures & use of collaboration tools
  • Training and coaching to develop agile communication rules and routines

A growing part of the workforce now demands greater flexibility not just in how long and from where they work, but also in how they work. A new culture of work is emerging, complementing more traditional forms like telecommuting with mobile working and flexible lines of communication through online platforms. Organizations need to attend to these changing needs by increasingly investing in employee experience. We offer to trauin and coach for remote work and the necessary adjustments of your leadership culture, e.g.:

  • cross-generational leadership training
  • introducing telecommuting and mobile work for HR, leaders and their teams
  • co-operating with architects on workspace design

We help you find evolutionary answers to revolutionary changes.

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