Diversity Management - Culture is not the icing on the cake. It's the cake.

Companies and public administrations have become more serious about diversity and inclusion. We observe considerable international variation in approaching diversity management. There is also a noticeable trend to see the business case for diversity and inclusion and understand it as a precondition for innovation. Leadership and organizational culture are two sides of the same coin, as Edgar Schein states, and so are fairness and business benefits. 

Integrating intercultural and diversity competency with strategic business perspectives allows us to offer a particular leveraging diversity approach to your intercultural, diversity and inclusion needs.

Our full suite of strategic diversity management consulting includes strategy development, needs assessments, cultural audits as well as design, implementation and evaluation of equality, diversity & inclusion programs. We focus on the following dimensions:

  • Intercultural competency for your global workforce: leaders, teams, international staff, cultural and ethnic minorities
  • Women in Leadership, gender roles and LGBTQ+
  • Leadership for millennials and cross-generational collaboration

Leveraging Diversity for Success

Classic diversity management entails equality in HR procedures or introductory intercultural and sensitivity training. We help you to go beyond by weaving intercultural and diversity competencies into leadership and team development and make it business relevant. Hard wiring diversity & inclusion into your business processes will lead you to leverage diversity for your daily operations, business processes and strategic innovation.

Intercultural & Inclusive Leadership

Diversity is indivisible. It matters to all of us. But we are not all equally excluded. Enabling people to include their differences at work is the core of developing diversity competence in the organization. We design and implement programs for all levels of leaders and employees and accompany your culture change towards a more inclusive workplace. Our services include:

  • inclusive leadership training with innovative design
  • coaching
  • intercultural and diversity aspects in conflict mediation
  • mentoring
  • preparing and supporting for international assignments & repatriation
  • developing multicultural and virtual teams

International Inclusive Talent Management

We help you to improve the diversity and intercultural competencies of your HR experts.

We tailor programs and initiatives according to the maturity of your diversity management from a to z: assessment, coaching, education, monitoring, unconscious bias, or zero awareness.

Our focus is not just on the strengthening of individual competency but also on equity, diversity and inclusion in all stages of your global and local talent management as well as your internal HR processes.

We help you create more inclusive leadership cultures.

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