Engagement für andere, ehrenamtlich “etwas zur gemeinsamen Sache machen”, war für Semira Soraya-Kandan seit dem Jugendalter stetige Quelle an Kraft und Inspiration. Sie hat dadurch viel gewonnen und gibt davon gerne zurück und weiter. Hier schildert sie aktuelle und neuere Projekte:


5th Bundesfachkongress Interkultur “Heimaten bewegen”

The Bundesfachkongress Interkultur is a nation-wide bi-annual conference bringing together a broad spectrum of experts from academia, politics and civil society to discuss the latest developments regarding cultural diversity, intercultural activities and diversity in organizations and institutions. In 2014, I was the civil representative of Mannheim co-organizing the conference "Heimaten bewegen" and chairing the expert forum "Living diversity and social change". Here is a video of the conference and the pdf documentation.

United World College

At a United World College co-founded by Kurt Hahn, I acquired the International Baccalaureate with people from more than sixty countries. This very special international experience and peace education inspire me to this day. Therefore, I support the German Foundation UWC in recruiting future generations.

Mentoring Campus Landau

The mentoring program connects young female talent with female professionals and executives from science and industry. As a mentor, I accompanied a junior employee in her first steps into the working world, advised on career and life planning, on building contacts and establishing professional networks.

KulturQuer-QuerKultur e.V.

Our region has borne a very special society as early as 1999: KulturQuer-QuerKultur e.V. dedicates itself to supporting multicultural artists from the perspective of people "who experience cultural diversity in their biographies out of which they develop contemporary languages that are neither committed solely to the German nor another culture. They draw from diverse references and within their freedom beyond national entanglements they define new urban cultures". Semira particularly cherishes the literary serial “Europa Morgen Land”, where she regularly presents author readings.


Helping young people who are less privileged due to their social and cultural backgrounds is my dear concern. The community service at the IKUBIZ in Mannheim makes a valuable contribution to supporting young people with a migrant background in their transition from school to employment. I regularly support them voluntarily in projects.

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