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The power of purpose driven collaboration - Assemble, Winner of the 2015 Turner Prize

I recently re-discovered my love for architecture. Working with an architectural firm gave us some fascinating insights into key concepts of architectural design processes. Also, I incorporated the story of the Watercube for the Chinese Olympic Games into some keynotes for client events.

New Year! New Site! - Turning Passion into Purpose

We are proud to start 2016 by introducing our new website. It was an exciting journey to update our web presence after some years to better reflect our broad and complex consulting practice.

We still have a dream

Coincidences sometimes matter. This morning, I was listening to the German radio station SWR2. They interviewed Edgar Reitz on his latest film „Home from Home - Chronicle of a Vision“, a complimentary piece to his appraised epic film "Heimat", which will play at Venice film festival starting today.

Coffee, Cultures & Connections

People who know me will not be surprised to read about coffee & culture on my leadership blog. Besides my pronounced love for having coffee, coffeehouses play a considerable role in my work life as social meeting places.

The Five Million Pounds Iphone - Everybody Overvalues Something

This week’s headlines are filled with news from The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They refer to latest technological advances such as quad-core processors, large HD screens, or NFS, among many others.

The Story of The Red Knowggets

To the traditional business mind the philosophy of sharing and giving is foreign. For it conceives of giving as giving something away and thus becoming poorer. Yet, instead we can think of giving as a source from which we can take and by that gaining something new, creating, co-creating something.

The Unsuspected Element of Conflict and a Sufi's Wisdom

Many people are very fond of taking things at face value. In the contexts of expert organizations many are focused on the factual dimensions of their tasks. Dealing with any social aspects of cooperation and collaboration is straining and challenging for experts.

Leadership, Diversity and Leid(t)kultur - a German Backlash to Multiculturalism or Prospects for Political Innovations?

This summer’s World Cup with a German Sommermärchen of a special kind ( seems long ago
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