New Year! New Site! - Turning Passion into Purpose


New Year! New Site!


We are proud to start 2016 by introducing our new website. It was an exciting journey to update our web presence after some years to better reflect our broad and complex consulting practice.

Dialog, Diversity, & Digital

The focus areas of our services

  • Dialogue
  • Diversity and
  • Digital

have become increasingly relevant to our customers. We wanted to present our contribution and services for these fields of competence in a more detailed and more differentiated way. We are curious to learn how you like our update and invite you to unwrap our new service "packages“.

The redesign also brought me back to what made me go into this profession of helping leaders:
In an earlier version of this website I had written about it under the header:

“Work. Vocation. Passion.“

I consult and develop managers and organizations in internationalization and transformation processes.
I encourage essential leadership competencies such as open and direct methods of dealing with complexity, uncertainty and diversity of perspectives.
Core questions I like to ask:
What makes people change their minds and attitudes?
What allows people to walk their talk?
What encourages people to voice dissent?
Helping people and organizations coming to terms with these issues is my passion.

Making work meaningful

These questions are a foundation for my company. They are closely tied to theories of interpretation and sense making - I wrote my first book on cultural hermeneutics - and paved the way for our dialogic approach and our mission:
We help leaders to make work meaningful.

They are questions at the core of our services for leaders and organizations and they will be even more so in the digital era and with shifting demographies.

The growing group of consultants and partners I worked with closely in the past and which I invited join this mission do so with high levels of competence, curiosity and passion. So does our office team.

Turning Passion into Purpose makes a Vocation

We believe that a great part of your professional success comes indeed from turning passion into purpose. The latin root of the term vocation refers to a call. As such it is a beautiful concept that works as a meaningful navigator for decision making. Remembering what called you into your profession and to be a leader can give you re-orientation when you need it.

We thank our clients and partners for inspiring conversations & projects in recent years that allowed us to grow into a worldwide group of consultants turning their passion into purpose. It is worth getting to know us better.

How do you like our new site?

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