Carsten Härtl

Senior Consultant

Carsten Härtl has been part of the consultant network since 2021, having long been connected with Semira Soraya-Kandan as an intragroup consultant through joint diversity projects and leadership development programs.

Until 2019, he had worked as a responsible employee in a global corporation in the chemical industry for many years with executives at all levels and HR managers. His main topics were and are leadership quality, diversity management, junior staff development, human resources instruments, corporate culture, and organizational development. He has taken on tasks and projects both at the German corporate headquarters and at subsidiaries from Europe to East Asia. 

Before joining the Group, Carsten Härtl studied psychology in Heidelberg, specializing in business and organization, and economics. In the Group, he expanded his range of expertise from human resources work to public relations and change management.

Culturally, he feels at home not only in Europe but also in East Asia. A long professional phase as a human resources manager in South Korea and several project assignments in China and other countries have kept him in touch with this region to this day.  

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