Dr. Thomas Rieger

Senior Consultant

Thomas Rieger has collaborated with Soraya-Kandan as a consultant, coach and trainer since 2006. Together with Semira Soraya-Kandan he has designed and delivered international training programs for organization development and change management consultants. Other fields of cooperation included international leadership workshops as well as leadership development programs in SMB, corporations, as well as in public administration. Thomas offers a consulting approach combining a pragmatic balancing of working on structural issues and psycho-social factors with consistently putting clients’ potentials and their unfolding center stage.

Thomas’ core competencies include consulting for complex change processes – as a consultant as well as a project leader of interdisciplinary consultant teams, training OD-consultants and coaching executives leading change. His decades-long experience in working with international clients, particularly in East-Asia and the MENA region, has sensitized him to the cultural aspects of his consulting work and puts him in an excellent place to support companies going global, managers in charge of international business units, and culturally diverse teams.

Professional curiosity is both mindset and a source of joy at work for Thomas. He completed his doctorate in history at the Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Upon entering the field of consulting, he continuously developed his professional skills, i.e. for Organization Development at the Hernstein International Management Institute/Vienna, as a Gestalt therapist at the Hamburg Institute for Gestalt-based Education (HIGW) or for Coaching Executives Leading Change with Edgar Schein and Wolfgang Looss, organizational constellations with eminent psychotherapist Albrecht Mahr or EFQM Total Quality Management approach at the Renault-Institute.

For the last 10 years, Thomas has been working on popularizing process consultation in East Asia and Arab countries through OD consultant training programs. He is co-owner of Como Consult Inc. in Hamburg.

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