Stefan Meyer

Senior Consultant

Since 2014, Stefan Meyer cooperates with Soraya-Kandan. Before that he was working in Asia with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and as independent consultant on topics of communications, knowledge management, and organizational development mainly in the environmental sector. In this role he already collaborated with Soraya-Kandan. Today, Stefan Meyer consults with clients from the public and private sector regarding change management, governance, strategic communication, innovation, and culture in organisations.

His core competencies consist of organizational development and communications skills. His focus is on the interrelation of organizational culture, innovation, and communication as well as the thematic focus on virtual cooperation and governance.

Stefan Meyer gained his first experiences in international cooperation during his studies of communication sciences when interning at the United Nations in New York and at UNESCO field office in Mozambique. Following his studies he developed media components for international disaster risk reduction programs in Africa and Asia. Later on he worked with German development agencies in Asia on organizational development issues in multilateral environmental programs. For several years, he consulted as an independent expert on communications, organizational development and knowledge management in Asia, amongst others in the merger process of DED, InWEnt and GTZ to GIZ in Vietnam. His work is marked by constant trainings and formations, in particular on leadership and organizational development, Gestalt and Organization as well as on governance.

Currently, Stefan Meyer focuses on topics like organizational culture and innovation, as well as digital cooperation and organizational development. Furthermore, he conducts international leadership courses and engages in coaching. In a public sector project, he consults with regional environmental authorities in Latin America on governance.

Since 2014 Stefan Meyer lives in Colombia.

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