Nasim Saber

Senior Consultant

Nasim connected with Semira through a longstanding exchange of ideas on migration, Islam and the intercultural and interreligious education of executives in both the public and private sector.

Nasim works as an expert, consultant and speaker for numerous media outlets and public institutions. His customers have predominantly been federal ministries, newspapers, television and radio stations as well as aid and development agencies. In addition to his career as a jounalist, Nasim is an expert on security topics and intercultural studies and offers culture-specific expertise, speeches and training for experts and executives.

Nasim has been working as an independent free-lancing journalist for 14 years, starting out as a cub reporter at international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. He has a broad interdisciplinary education in Asian studies with a specialization on Western and South Asia. He has deep insights into Islam due to his religious background, his degree in Oriental and Asian Studies as well as a master’s degree in “History and Cultures of Western and South Asia”.

Nasim is a linguistic specialist for the “classical” languages of Muslim societies like Arabic, Persian, Turkic languages as well as Urdu and Pashto, the latter being one of his working languages alongside English and German.

Nasim Saber is currently working on his PhD in Islamic Studies and lives in Cologne.

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