Faisal Djalal

Senior Consultant

Faisal Djalal has been working as a trainer, consultant and facilitator for human resources, project management and organization development for almost 30 year and combines his thorough field experiences with an international education in Germany and Indonesia. In 2014, he and Semira were on the staff of an international organizational development qualification in Southeast Asia organized by their shared partner Como Consult.

His core competency is the consulting of international organizations, NGOs and private companies on intercultural communication, human resources and organizational development. Apart from his longstanding experience in working with development project stakeholders, Faisal has extensive experience in change management, human resources, team building and training consultants. Numerous assignments for a wide variety of international organizations, government agencies, NGOs and private companies have led him to many countries throughout South Asia, South-East Asia and Africa.

After studying business administration in Germany, Faisal designed and implemented national and international executive development programs in the private sector as Director of the World Trade Institute in Jakarta.

Today, Faisal Djalal works as an independent consultant for international projects and lives in Jakarta.

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