Harald Payer

Senior Consultant

Harald Payer and Semira Soraya-Kandan met during a multi-year consulting training. They connected over their shared interest in intercultural communication and international cooperation and now join forces for shared client projects.

Harald supports enterprises, their managers and employees with the planning and facilitating of their collaboration and networking projects. His core competency is the management of collaboration projects within and between enterprises. The focus of Harald’s work is on strategy development, coaching, leadership development and the counselling of inter-firm cooperation management He also accompanies and guides business reorganisations of public and private enterprises, non-profit organisations as well as small and medium-sized firms.

Harald studied Macro Economics at Vienna University of Business and Economy and obtained a PhD in Organisational Development from the University of Klagenfurt before working as a researcher in environmental economics for several years. He completed several training programs for systemic business consultancy and worked as a consultant in the food sector before leading an Austrian consulting firm as managing director for eight years. In 2013, Harald started his own consulting business in Vienna and has been working as managing director of the MOOVE Consulting GmbH since then.

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