Agile organizational change thrives on dialog and outside perspectives.

The simplicity of change management basics may be one of its biggest problems. By overlooking the obvious – to observe closely, to listen, to convince, to engage, to empower and help, and to implement changes sustainably – executives who search for more complex approaches and ever new instruments often overwhelm themselves, their people, and their organization.

Changing organizational culture(s) – how we work, how we talk, what we value, how we decide – requires addressing unavoidable ambiguities at all levels – individual, group, and organization. We encourage you to utilize disturbances rather than striving to control them.

As experienced multilingual and multicultural consultants we understand you and your organization’s needs with depth while remaining “strangers” enough to make a difference. We offer your leaders and employees outside perspectives and dialogic approaches to successfully designing and implementing organizational transitions to achieve greater agility for technological transformations, innovations, and globalization challenges. We help you with culture creation, evolution or change in mergers, joint ventures, or start-up companies:

We accompany you through whole cycles of change and offer support for all phases of change linking strategic planning and intervention architectures to anchoring changes in business processes. We offer:

  • Needs assessment, participatory diagnoses, cultural assessments
  • Strategic Innovations
  • Organization Design
  • Developing organizational capabilities for change
  • Consulting and supervision for leaders and steering groups guiding change processes or coordinating complex multi-project change
  • Change communication

Accompanying the Internationalization of our clients has been at the core of our business since the beginning. Varying degrees of internationalization require differentiated approaches to leadership and organizational design. We are well aware of  typical pitfalls of cultural transitions towards more global organizations.

We offer leadership support and consulting for:

  • Culture change and culture sensitive change management
  • Boundary spanning cooperation (across teams, units, groups, organizations, or networks)
  • Aligning functions internationally
  • Developing Global Talent Management & HR
  • Post-mergers integration: Preparing & managing the transitions, dealing with dynamics of integration, stabilizing organization structures and processes

Leading change almost always involves also changing leadership – mental models of leadership as well as the practice of leading people.

  • Coaching CEOs, steering group members, project managers in charge of change processes
  • Qualifying managers on all levels of leading change
  • Empowering HR Business Partners to focus on leadership and culture change
  • Customized training for change agents to enhance their capacity to support change processes
  • Internal organizational consultants training

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s concept of antifragility goes beyond resilience or agility by explicitly stating and highlighting properties of systems thriving on chaos or disruption. In an international community of experts we explore the use of this concept for organization development and transformation, through e.g.:

  • Crisis intervention in change processes in need of a turn-around
  • Regenerating resources for future change after negative change experiences or destabilization
  • Stability Management

We help you co-generate meaningful change.

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