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Next dates
30. April 2021 (EN)
28. May 2021 (DE)
09. July 2021 (EN)
30. July 2021 (DE)
1 hour
English or German

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30. April 2021      from 5:00 until 6:00 pm (CEST)

Responsible Leadership - a New Paradigm?

Experience with the pandemic and social movements (e.g., Fridays for Future or Black Lives Matter) makes it clear that not only the level of company management has to assume social responsibility, but all managers. Today more than ever, leadership means dealing with issues of social respons(e)-ability and being able to respond.
In addition to our Leadership Dialogues workshop series, which has been dedicated to this topic for several years, with this new format of Leaders' Chats we offer a regular bilingual platform for executives' exchange.
We want to kick off our first English-speaking event of the new format with this given the focus.

28. May 2021 (DE): Vom Gewinn des Abstands

09. July 2021 (EN): Inclusive Employee Experience -What is on the Agenda now?

30. July 2021 (DE): Title will be announced soon

Your facilitators for these conversations

Semira Soraya-Kandan

Semira Soraya-Kandan

Dr. Jutta Schmidt

Dr. Jutta Schmidt

Stefan Meyer

Stefan Meyer

26. März 2021 - Genderrolle(n) rückwärts?
Wir starteten unser neues Format mit einem Thema, das wir bereits im November 2020 im Rahmen unserer Leading from Home Reihe behandelt hatten. Wir interpretierten aktuelle empirische Studien, formulierten (Hypo-)Thesen zu Barrieren und Chancen des Homeoffice für die Geschlechtergerechtigkeit und tauschten uns mit Kunden zu Maßnahmen und Erfolgsrezepten aus Unternehmen und Verwaltung aus, auch mit etwas internationalerem Blick.

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