We have worked with leaders from a broad spectrum of organizations and industries for more than twenty years. Our international client projects with a focus on dialogic leadership, international and digital collaboration, and organizational transformation have received applause and solid confirmation.

Our clients confirm the need to handle complexity in enterprise and organizational development with a digital and 'worldly' (Mintzberg) mind-set. With this purpose in mind, we designed a blended learning experience for selected executives and experts to develop and network in an advanced leadership and organization development program.

Our Change Leadership Program contributes a unique perspective to the professional community of leadership and organization experts by focusing on how dialogue, diversity, and digital shape new realities and make new forms of work and leadership meaningful.

We offer this open enrolment curriculum with an exquisite international staff of senior consultants.

Dialogue, Diversity & Digital Change Leadership. 

Please get in touch to find out how this will help to let your organization and your leaders grow!

We are happy to send you our detailed program and provide you with non-binding advice.

Contact us at events@soraya-kandan.com.

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