Syamant Sandhir

Senior Consultant

Syamant Sandhir connected with Semira through their shared interest in digital transformation and its impact on customer and employee experience as well as its demands for the digital literacy of C-level executives. Their vivid exchange of ideas on Twitter grew into professional sharing of expertise and cooperation with his New Delhi based company.

Syamant complements our group of consultants with an outstanding perspective as an international executive on all things digital. He combines his deep experience in the creation of digital customer and employee experiences with his understanding of best practices in the fields of digital collaboration and mobile work to support transformations towards a new way of working. Developing blended offline-online experiences is at the core of Syamant’s expertise. He is curious and excited about the power of digital technologies and the impact open frameworks and the power of networked services will have on growth. Syamant combines his understanding of leadership, marketing, design, learning, service and technology to create innovative concepts and services.

He is managing director of Futurescape, a branding and customer experience company. His team design experiences for major corporations from the technology, telecommunication, fashion, retail, and financial sectors and believes in connecting ideas that can be built to scale. They are also experts in the field of corporate social responsibility, analyzing the CSR performance of companies and offering consulting on sustainability, responsibility, and brand reputation. Since 2013, the company has published annual studies on the corporate social responsibility performance of India’s top companies in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Management Udaipu and The Economic Times.

Syamant lives in New Delhi.

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