Hatem Mejjadi

Senior Consultant

Hatem Mejjadi is joining the Soraya-Kandan consultants with a particular interest in organizational development training and consultancy in international contexts. As a senior coordinator with a solid experience in the German international cooperation agency (GIZ), Hatem developed a high level of competence and sensitivity for designing and delivering consulting processes for clients in complex intercultural contexts.

Hatem’s core competencies are OD training and change management. His other areas of expertise include project management, public & private finances engineering and entrepreneurship development.
After completing a master's degree in finance at the Faculté des Sciences économiques et de gestion in Sfax, Tunisia, he received a professional certificate of public finances from l’École Nationale des impôts et Finances Publiques in Paris and the major diploma of l’École Nationale d’Administration in Tunis.

Always looking to broaden his and others horizons, Hatem has recently introduced organizational development into the context of the democratic transformation in Tunisia. He is currently funding a training center and is the co-founder of ALMEISAN Consult Ltd. in Tunisia.

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