We regularly update our list of favorite blogs that might be of interest to you. We love to hear your feedback on them!

Digital Tonto

Greg Satell's blog about management, marketing, media & technology. 



Futurescape – Thoughts and Ideas

Syamant Sandhir and Namrata Rana write about technology, customer experiences and corporate social responsibility. 



Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg's thoughts on management, organization theory & more.  



Integrative Innovation

Dr. Ralph Ohr on strategy, innovation & product management. 



Milton J. Bennett

Director of the Intercultural Development Research Insitute Milton J. Bennet on cultural & intercultural topics. 




Lemon2020 is created by DDB Worldwide CCO Amir Kassaei to remind his industry of its basics and core: creating relevance. He and the founder of DDB Bill Bernbach are a source of inspiration also beyond the borders of their industry.

Sinan Al-Hir

Sinan Al-Hir explores the concept of Antifragility and its implications for coaching & consulting. 



The Catjects Project

On The Catject Project Dirk Baecker blogs about culture theory, communication and management.

The Inclusion Solution

Team members of The Winters Group consulting firm blog about diversity, inclusion & talent. 



Tim Kastelle

Tim Kastelle on innovation strategy & management and business models.